First blog post ever

Posted on 7:23 PM by Schottler

Well, I am very new to this blog thing, even though it has been around for quite some time. So to make up for some lost time, here's a rundown of 2009 thus far. I have been loading up the miles so far this year to prepare for the mountain season. Each week has averaged around 20 hours, riding 7 days a week with usually 1 day of active recovery. Unfortunately I have class every day and work 30 hours a week, so all of these rides have been at 6 or 7 am every day, in some nasty extreme cold. Thankfully Columbia has some amazing gravel roads, which I've found to be the most effective and enjoyable way of putting in the miles, so my cross bike has been ridden like crazy. I'll be starting some intensity training here pretty soon and according my powertap I am currently stronger than when I was peaking during last mountain season, which is encouraging since I have only been doing base miles with very limited intensity.

The biggest news of the year is me being taken up by GT to be part of the 39 person GT Dirt Coalition. I will receive a GT Zaskar Carbon Pro, riding apparel, swag, and a big 10x10 tent for races. I am very excited about this and can't wait to get the bike later this week and start riding it. I also plan on replacing the current cross and road bike with some of their new models, which are pretty sweet.

Two mountain races that I have planned for the year have already been cancelled, so it looks like I may be racing some road this weekend since the trails are all mud fests.


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