The end is near...

Posted on 9:16 PM by Schottler

I will be graduating in a little more than two weeks, and these last few weeks are taking years out of my life. Our Capstone project, countless other projects, and countless presentations are totally stressing me out and getting in the way of having a consistent training plan. Right now all I am trying to do is get a ride in every day to maintain some fitness until I graduate and can focus a little better. I never got to race in Neosho a week ago, due to the fact I had a discrete math test the next day I needed to study for... which turned out to be a good decision since I didn't understand anything, so the whole day of studyfest payed off. I am very disappointed I haven't been able to race and am getting very ancy, but at the same time I am getting very stressed out with school and realize I need to put it first and get gradumated.

I did get a few mountain rides in last week to get used to my new bike on some of the tight and fast Missouri trails, and it is money. It is so fast, stiff, and fits me like a glove.... and it is true... we are getting married.

There is a race coming up this Sunday at Castlewood in St. Louis that I plan on doing... unless it is a huge mud fest or is pouring down rain, because I know I don't have a free day to dedicate to rebuilding it. We will see how it goes, I seem to screw up my first races of the year pretty bad, so I won't be taking the results very seriously.


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