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Posted on 8:15 PM by Schottler

So I finally started intensity training about 2 weeks ago, after about 4,000 base miles since the beginning of the year. I am feeling stronger than I ever have in the past, thanks to the 7 days a week of long long gravel rides on the cross bike in teens/snow/rain/wind. Now it is time to build up the intervals and improve the high end. According to my powertap, I have gained about 35 average watts over a 5 minute period, which is pretty significant. I have already broken numerous power records, with barely any intensity training. This data is making me pretty hopeful of having a successful season.

I am pretty disappointed I haven't been able to do a single race yet this year. I had a 6 hour race and a normal 1.5 hour race scheduled in April but they were both rained out. The next two possible races in my area were on, however I was in Moab Utah training. There are two more races this upcoming weekend, one is the 6 hour again and the other is a race down in Neosho, MO. Unfortunately my shop needs my help on Saturday and I won't be able to get off, but I plan on heading down to Neosho if it isn't pouring down rain. I am hoping for a good result.

Graduating from the University of Missouri is coming up quick... down to 4 weeks now. 30 hour work weeks, 20 hour riding weeks, and finishing up my classes and my capstone class leave me with very little time for anything. Thankfully I am almost there and I can focus more time on training and riding. Hopefully the race will be on this weekend..


Butthead said...

THIS BLOG SUCKS! There is no cussing and you don't have any kick ass pictures.

You are pissing me off!

Lanterne Rouge said...

At least he's posted something in this calendar year BH! Get off Face Book and back to this reality.

Nice bike John BTW.

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