The time has come...

Posted on 9:42 PM by Schottler

We all know Ethan has retired, and Butthead isn't getting any younger... or skinnier. He is definitely showing his age when he lets a rookie college student kick his ass on every ride. Refer to picture for the only real option left for these two. I can imagine the long weekend trips down the Katy Trail, pulling their trailer with cookies, brownies, and other old fat guy food.


haricots verts said...

Should BH be the pilot? I think not.

What is wrong with cookies?

Butthead said...

Keep opening that mouth! CX season will soon be here and you don't know all the secrets to going fast yet.

For the record.....we would be pulling a keg of beer behind our tandem trike recumbent.

Can you give us a post about your bar exploits? I have seen pictures on FaceBook. I need to hear the story.

Ethan said...

Funny stuff.

Cleaning up the mtn bike this weekend and getting ready to piss on your turf.

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