Posted on 7:59 PM by Schottler

I have officially graduated from the University of Missouri with a Bachelors of Science in mechanical engineering. It is now time to start the training again... once I get over this cold that started the summer. I have lost some speed over the last few weeks, which have had some pretty low hours, along with sore and tired legs. Hopefully they are done complaining and I can get back into a training regimen. I have preregistered for the Bump N' Grind race in Alabama on May 31st. I will probably be traveling out there by myself, but hoping to find someone to come with me so I won't be bored. Either way, it will be a good trip and a good time to relax, along with one of the best mountain races in the country. Hopefully I will get some speed back by then, but we'll see. Rhett's Run in Columbia is the week after that, which I am super pumped for, since it's on my home turf.

I plan on racing until about the 24th of July, after the mountain bike national championships in CO, then start the base miles again and prepare for some cyclocross carnage.


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