More cancelled races

Posted on 5:39 PM by Schottler

So we have been constantly getting pounded by rain for a while now in Missouri, which has lead to numerous rained out races. This past weekend I was planning on racing at Castlewood in St. Louis, but it was canceled, just my luck. I've still been continuing my training plan and replacing these missed races with some high intensity efforts, so I will be ready to peak at the right time of the season. My next race is going to be Bump N' Grind in Alabama. This is supposed to be one of the best mountain races in the country, and is a Norba National, which will be a good experience. It will be on my birthday, May 31st, a good present to myself. If anyone wants to join me for a free trip to help out/race/keep me company than let me know.

As for the training, I made a rookie move today on our weekly training circuit race. I got lost and about pushed this guy into a dumpster. Actually, I couldn't stop looking at his fragile teenage boy figure and pounced on him.


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