Disappointment #alot

Posted on 8:29 PM by Schottler

I seem to have been screwing up every single race I have done this season. I did the cat III state championships road race last weekend and started a 4 man break and managed to drop my extra water bottle, leaving me waterless the last 33.5 mile lap. I still ended up 3rd, but I knew if I had something to drink and eat I easily could have taken a win. I hoped to fix this consistent string of stupid mistakes and do something better than my 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place finishes all season.

I headed out to Farmington MO, to do the St. Joe Midwest Fat Tire Series race. I immediately started sweating when I opened the door with the 94 degree temperatures, but was very pleased with how great my legs felt when I was warming up. I knew I may be able to accomplish something this season, finally.

When the race started I got clipped in immediately and knew I could have sprinted in for the hole shot, but remember what happened last time I did that... so I let Breslin take it this time and see what would happen. Eric Pirtle was in this race as well... I have never raced him before but have heard stories of how he demolishes dreams. He passed Breslin after a little bit of the single track, but we managed to stay very close to him the whole first lap. I found myself to be making some random mistakes and picking some bad lines while running on Breslins wheel, since the trail was very unpredictable, but I was able to make up the time pretty quickly. My legs felt very strong and ready for some carnage, but decided to sit on for a while to see what would happen. I wasn't sure how I would react to the heat. I was planning on waiting for the paved path into the second lap to start pushing it.

Once Breslin and I got to the paved path I stood up to hammer and noticed my bike bobbing all over the place and thought to myself "awesome, great, blowing another race." I figured it was over and just rolled through the start/finish area and sat there for a couple minutes watching Ploch roll through. Then I remembered this wasn't a collegiate race and they said I could go to my car and fix it, which I did. I had a good size slit in the back tire and it was taking a while for the Stan's to fix it, had to fill up the tire twice. I figured "might as well get my money's worth and get some more race effort training in for the day." I hopped back in the field, having no idea where everyone was. I was feeling very strong and managed to pass a few people, asking what category they were in. I caught up to and passed the 35+ expert riders and was going after the open expert field. After 6 miles of the 2nd lap I was flying over some of the humps and managed to fly off the trail and monster truck some big nasty rocks, blowing both of my tires simultaneously. It was a vicious impact that dented my front wheel, I was amazed I stayed upright.

Needless to say, I walked back to the finish... taking a short cut on the paved path, which I walked the wrong way down for 1/2 a mile. I felt like I had amazing fitness for this race... but bad luck again struck me down... again. It is getting very very irritating, I know I have the power and ability to do well, but I can't seem to put them both together.


Butthead said...

I think you are trying to hard......

Lanterne Rouge said...

Slow down and let the race come to you, instead of taking it to the race. Mt Bike racing is as much about managing your equipment as it is the motor.

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