Firecracker 50

Posted on 8:21 PM by Schottler

This elevation profile shows the type of suffering that will occur this coming 4th of July. I am going to be doing the Firecracker 50, Marathon National Championships for the 2nd year. 11,000 feet of climbing, 50 miles, and 4 aid stations per lap with water and food. Apparently they are putting in a mud section... we will see how that goes with the new super lightweight, small knobbed, tiny 2.0's I just installed.

Last year I did this race I managed to finish 15th @ 5:02 in the Open 19-29 group. I didn't do very well, mainly because I spent a lot of time standing and laying on the ground cramping horribly, and walking up some of the climbs. It probably didn't help camping the night before and eating a couple bagels for breakfast. It was one of the best race experiences I have had, and I feel very confident I can knock a half hour off of my time. Last year I was in base mile mode with no races under my belt all year, as well as no race effort training. If I can finish in 4:30 I should be in the top 5, which would be amazing. I think climbing is one of my strong points, but we will see how well I can climb for 9 miles. I will be leaving Friday at 3:00 am and will be driving to Breck by myself, arriving at around 2-3pm. I plan on spending an hour and a half or so preriding a little and then crashing at the hotel pretty early. Saturday will be raceday... followed by a long and tiring drive home.

I have installed some Bontrager XR1 Team tires, which are super light weight and very fast rolling. They take off 200 grams from each wheel, which will be very significant when I am climbing and try to accelerate all day long. They are not tubeless tires, but after an hour of suffering, I managed to get them seated with some Stan's. I am not using any Maxxis tires for a while due to what I've experienced...

I have to blame Maxxis for a few flats I have had lately. I have gone through 3 brand new UST Crossmark tires that have been opening up at the seams. Maxxis told me the warranty is void due to me using Stan's sealant... which is a load of shit. The 3rd tire blew the day after I installed it. I am on an anti-Maxxis campaign. If this is how they back up their products, I don't recommend anyone buy their products if they want any guarantee on performance. I have gone through 4 sets of Maxxis tires in the past with absolutely no problems... with Stan's Sealant. They won't replace my $75 dollar tires that are obviously constructed and seamed together with horse shit.

Anyway, the new Ergon grips with carbon bar ends will be helpful for the long climbs, I just need to remember to pace myself... tempo... long race.


Ryan Amirault said...

Hi Jonathan, Good to hear you'll be out here in Colorado racing the Firecracker. I'll be out there as well representing the GT DC. Both Marty Caivano (another DC Rider) and I will be there with our tents so you are more than welcome to hang out after the race. Email me and we should connect.


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