In the zone

Posted on 8:56 PM by Schottler

My legs are officially done whining and complaining. I did my first long high intensity road ride yesterday and discovered my lactic threshold has gone up 30 watts from when I was peaking last year. Somewhere in this 1.5 hour, 24.7 mph effort, I managed to maintain 360 watts for 20 minutes, and 320 watts for the full 1.5 hours. These are all personal bests for me, and should still be going up further into the season. However these numbers don't mean anything if I can't race well... hopefully I'll be able to keep my head down and hammer through my mountain races like I can do by myself on the road. I've noticed I have a tendency to sit up too soon and lose focus too quickly in races, which costs huge amounts of time. The race in my hometown this weekend should be a good time to get over this, since there are numerous people I know that are coming to watch, which motivates me quite a bit. I have plenty of frustration from last weekends constant mechanicals, keeping me from getting a guaranteed top 2 or 3 finish, so I am more than willing to suffer for a good result.


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