Rhett's Run

Posted on 5:24 PM by Schottler

So I woke up this morning to the sound of thunder... which I was hoping was a dump truck, so I fell back asleep, to awake again with some more of this noise. Following that was rain, fantastic. I knew Missouri couldn't have a mountain race before July that's dry. The beginner riders had a somewhat sloppy, but not deep mud course. By the time the expert and sport riders left, the course began to dry out a little with small sections of wet. The field was pretty stacked with big boys from around St. Louis, KC, and CoMo. After a quick warm up I got on the front row of the expert field with Dave Breslin, Chris Ploch, Cameron Chambers, Butthead, Mike Best, and a couple others. This was pretty intimidating, since I know all of these guys have some big and fast racing experience, I was the little guy of the bunch. On 'Go' Time I managed to take the whole shot, into the single track, with Cameron Chambers and Dave Breslin on my tail. I had an advantage with knowing every rock and line on the trail and managed to pull away with taking each perfect and smooth line. By the top of the first climb my heart rate was pegged and my legs weren't getting rid of the lactic acid and I was having some trouble keeping the speed. After seeing the guys bring me back in I decided to sit up a little and try to recover, which didn't happen very quickly. About half way through the first lap, Chambers passed me, followed by Breslin, I knew I couldn't maintain their speed so I got over to let them by and not slow them down. By this time I was yelling at my legs to wake up and get moving, which didn't seem to happen until the end of the second, 4.5 mile lap. Chris Ploch passed me towards the end of the first lap. Apparently the course I had dialed in was the last few years race course... they decided to put on a top secret horribly marked 15 second loop towards the end of the lap... which started and ended at the same place. By the second lap I saw Ploch coming an odd direction and I was right with him... and he said "dude you cut the course," and I responded with a 'wtf where?' Then I figured it out and sat up for a little while because I felt retarded and let him get his gap back again. The start of the third lap it was game on, my legs were finally able to put out some consistent power and I was flying passed all the sport riders on the course, trying to make up for lost time. On the 4th and final lap, I was closing in on Ploch. Right when I got on his wheel my front tire slid out and I jackknifed my bike into a tree with a running dismount, got back on and tried to bring him back. About 2 minutes later I pass him lying on the ground with a very painful looking cramp. Unfortunately Chambers and Breslin had too much time on me and I rolled through the finish, about 2 minutes behind Chambers. Breslin was sent out by himself on a 5th lap. I ended the race in 3rd, not where I was planning, but I can't complain considering how stacked the race was. Overall, the first 2 laps were probably some of the worst 2 laps I have ever had in a race. I need to figure out how to get a better start and make my legs ready to kill. Thankfully, I had absolutely no bike problems, the XTR crankset worked great, along with a new, correct sized seat post.


Lanterne Rouge said...

Nice work today, regardless of what BH and Fish say, that was a strong ride.

Butthead said...

What you need to ask yourself Jon is........would Emily Batty be impressed. That is what I thought.

I will help you with this "racing" stuff. It is not that hard.......just throttle up, hold on, and get Mike to loan you his extra bike.

Davey B said...

don't trust butthead about anything!

that fucker doesn't even update his blog anymore!

good racing!


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