burning out

Posted on 9:38 AM by Schottler

I've been feeling weak and tired lately since my Breckenridge race, so I took Friday, Saturday, and Sunday off from riding. Since I forgot about the state championships race on Saturday and had to work all day, I spent the rest of my time laying on the couch relaxing. I am disappointed I missed this race, but the timing wasn't very good. I seem to have chronic lower back pain which I think is linked to the way my mountain bike is set up, however it feels great while I am riding. It felt good taking 3 days off in a row, which has happened once since December, but my 1 hour ride today didn't give me much encouragement on fitness. I plan on being ready for the show me state games at Rockbridge so I can try to get a 4 in a row win out there. After that it will be a week off the bike and then preparation for cross season and a few select mountain races. Having little desire to ride my bike and watching the wattage drop isn't a very good feeling.


Butthead said...

Stop crying! You think it is hard now.......wait til this fall when you are getting lapped!

Damit Schottler! Things only get crazier as you get older.

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