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Posted on 9:36 PM by Schottler

I raced the Show Me Games mountain race at Rockbridge State Park this Sunday. I won the last 3 races held out there, 1 past show me games and 2 A's collegiate races. It was my home course that I could race with my eyes closed.

Butthead took the whole shot with me on his back tire heckling for the first mile, with Ploch right behind us, followed by an inevitable flat tire into a creek bed. The new SlimePro sealant I used did seal the tire up with 10psi to go, but I didn't trust it much, so I put in a new tube. After all the expert riders and some sport riders went by I was on my way... with about 50psi in my back tire. Needless to say I was on a mission of breaking legs the rest of the first 8 mile lap and the 2nd. I dropped my water bottle after about 100 feet of getting it on the 2nd lap, so I finished that lap waterless. Fitness felt very good, loads of power, super pissed off, lots of bad lines. I ran into a ton of traffic through the single track, mainly the marathon racers and the sport/expert riders I was chasing down from the flat tire. By the time I hit the 3rd lap I was just getting irritated with what was happening and decided to go for a bike ride, not realizing the guy with me was in my category. Apparently I managed to get back into 3rd position, but dropped to 4th when I was slowing down on the last lap, finishing right behind Wes. Butthead and Ploch sprinted to the line for the finish, with Butthead taking it. Great... I will be hearing about this for the next 10 years, at least.

3rd race in a row of getting a flat. First it was 3 different maxxis Crossmark UST's that split open, then it was 2 Bontrager XR1 tires. I just ordered a pair of Hutchinson Python UST's that are about 200 grams heavier a piece, but will hopefully be able to hold some air in for me to finish a race.

I was planning on taking the next 2 weeks off completely since I have been losing desire to ride my bike, but this race has given me some more motivation. I plan on spinning a couple times this week and racing again this weekend at Castlewood. Never ridden there before, I will just be racing for fun.

I know, wtf is that?


Christian Stitz said...

You came by me at Mach 5 after your flat and aired off that little root drop, coolest thing I saw all day. You'll enjoy Castlewood, it's a fun place. Wake Dave up.

Butthead said...

The best advice I ever got........"You must be smooth before you can be fast" - John Rines 1994

Think about it.

Chris Horton said...

We seem to have the same race style, I had three flats in my summer race series this year mostly because I was lazy and didn't install my tubeless tires. So I know how it feels.

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