Back at it

Posted on 9:10 AM by Schottler

Those 2 weeks I took off made my legs feel like chunks of concrete but my desire to ride has completely come back. Last week felt great, rode 22 hours with a pretty fast 4 hour gravel ride Saturday with Butthead and Ethan who just tried to crack me and make me cry. Sunday was an awesome 6 hour gravel ride on mountain bikes with Beans, ProPam, Lou and Steve from Tryathletics. Discovered tons of awesome gravel roads out in the middle of nowhere, it was good preparation on the mountain bike for next upcoming race.

Green Beans and I will be traveling to South Dakota over Labor Day weekend to race in the Dakota 5-0. This race looks like a shitload of fun, I am super pumped.

I have been putting in most of my hours on the new cross bike and am starting to feel very comfortable on it, it will gets its race bike makeover sometime next week. Trying to decide on ordering Bontrager XXX carbon tubular wheels or Zipp 303's. Cross tires have been ordered.

Thanks to Butthead, motivation to train and race is back.


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