That was a bad idea

Posted on 3:18 PM by Schottler

Got back from Wisconsin Friday evening, took my number plate from the Castlewood race (2 weeks ago) and got my bike ready. This was the last time I rode a bike, so I figured the smartest thing to do was head out for a 6 hour mountain bike race.

I was super excited to go ride again and still had high hopes of myself thinking my legs would be really fresh. I got to the race a little late and didn't have any time for a warm up, but it's a 6 hour race so who cares. The race started with a stupid 1/4 mile run up a giant loose doubletrack trail then got on the bike and took off. I immediately noticed I didn't have very much punch in my legs so I took it pretty easy the first 9 mile lap. 2nd lap I was putting out a consistent effort, similar to what I did at the marathon Nats, so I should have been able to maintain this all day. I had a huge lead in 1st place in my age group and was pretty happy with what was going on.

After about 2 hours I began to get very hot and exhausted and began drinking huge amounts of liquids and my body was starting to fatigue. I started cramping in my hamstrings up a climb and realized things were going to get rough real fast. After this happened I lost all motivation and decided to go for a bike ride, so I took it easy laps 3 and 4. My back started hurting so bad that I couldn't breathe and couldn't get my heart rate up at all. I quit having fun at about 2:30 and just wanted to take a nap on lap 5. I didn't even see a reason to keep going on this race, I lost so much time laying on the ground, I quit having fun, and I realized I wasn't going to accomplish anything. Needless to say I threw in the towel on the 5th lap. I didn't come here just to finish, I wanted a solid result, especially with what I was able to do at the Marathon National Championships. I went back to my car and nearly threw up and drove home.

I guess that's just what happens after 2 weeks of no excercise. A full suspension, a 29er, or both would have been my best friend on the course. It was very rough in a lot of spots... so I pretty much got the shit kicked out of me the entire time. Time for some base miles.... cross time.


Butthead said...

If I was you I would just give up. Have a garage sale and just be done with it.

I will let you look at my BlowState Games Fake Gold Medal next time I am in the shop. I like to wear around my neck on days that end in y.

CX season is not going to be any fun for you. I am looking for somebody to run my pits....if you are looking to be a part of a winning team.

Schottler said...

Funny. Hey, remember that one time Henderson beat you by over 8 minutes in a 40k TT? I think he also won 3 jerseys that weekend... what happened? Oh, I think Musselman also had a faster time.

Butthead said...

Wow that hurts. You went Henderson on me.

I would go on and sale your stuff now. I going to put you in retirement in CX and there is nothing you can do about it.

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