Dakota 50

Posted on 7:55 PM by Schottler

Took a 14 hour drive with Green Beans to Spearfish SD for the Dakota 50 mountain bike race on Sunday. 389 people registered for the race, about 100 more than last year. The course consisted of mainly single track with small sections of gravel roads and a little bit of double track. It was probably some of the best single track I have ridden, with some awesome views.

The race started at 7:20am, which was about 4 hours too early for me. After waking up at the ass crack of dawn I had about 10 minutes to warm up, which kind of sucked. The race was a mass start with a neutral start following a 4 wheeler, with Smokey the bear telling us to go. The first part of the race was about a 3 mile climb up a gravel road, I rode off with the main group who lead a pretty fast pace with a lot of attacks. My legs felt like concrete the first 20 miles and needless to say I wasn't having much fun. With my legs super tight, my lower back exploded about 5 miles into the race, which totally sucked. I then got stung by a bee under my helmet at about mile 7, that was fun.

I was still picking off riders who hit the first climb way too hard and blew themselves up. By the time I hit the 2nd aid station they told me I was in 7th place and filled a bottle and took off. I really wasn't sure where I was in this race, so this gave me some more motivation.

The last 20 miles it was game on, my legs finally loosened up and were ready for some pounding. I made up a lot of time and was reeling in the leading riders. I was able to catch a couple more and finished the race in 5th place overall, 2nd in my age group. I finished the 50 mile race in 3:58. 2 riders finished the race under 4 hours last year, so I am pretty happy with the time and position.


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