First CX of the season

Posted on 4:25 PM by Schottler

First race of the season in Hermann, MO. I got my GTR Type CX cross bike 90% complete for the racing season. Still waiting on a set of Zipp 303 cross tubulars.

Only 10 or so people showed up in the A's field, which isn't really what I was expecting for the first race of the year. The start of the race was surprisingly slow, I somehow found myself off the front with a bit of a gap on the field without really putting in any effort. Looking back, that would have been a good time to take off, but oh well. Later in the race Butthead came up and attacked and I jumped on his wheel and we quickly put a huge gap on everyone. He kept yelling at me to get on his wheel but a couple laps later my lower back completely blew up. I lost quite a bit of power since my core couldn't compensate the pedaling effort, and getting bumped around a lot. So BH took off and I spent a lot of time stretching my back so I could start pedaling again. It never really got any better but still finished the race in 2nd place with a healthy lead on 3rd place. It was a lot slower than I planned on going and wasn't putting in a lot of effort because my back wouldn't let me. I felt very comfortable on my bike and very smooth through the corners and over the barriers. My core will be getting a healthy ass kicking to help keep my lower back from being stressed out.

This race was a good way to get dialed in on my bike and get comfortable through the corners. It was pretty obvious to see my weakness is my core strength... so with some good workouts there should be a big improvement.


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