CX 4 & 5

Posted on 7:54 PM by Schottler

Raced in Parkville, MO this weekend for the first two Boss Cross events. Felt good and confident going into the races... hoping to get a similar result to last weekend. The course was very bumpy, tight, but fast. There weren't many places to pass, so I burnt a lot of time sitting in groups that I should have passed. My legs felt great both days, but my lower back blew up half way through both races, which totally sucked. I also had some trouble keeping my tires on the ground... washed out my front tire a couple times during both races, which is what everyone seemed to be doing. The crashes happened pretty early in both races and I tweaked my derailleur hanger pretty bad, giving me only a few functioning gears. Needless to say a pit bike would have been super duper... or more mad skillzz. Time to scheme. Results weren't what I was hoping, 7th Saturday and 10th Sunday, but still not bad considering who showed up.


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