2 bikes and a DNF

Posted on 6:27 PM by Schottler

Well I had a race a week ago with very little problems, so it was about time for something to go wrong. Raced Bubba #5 today in St. Louis against all the local fast dudes. I opted out of the 10:30PM race the night before so I could go socialize (heavy drinking) and enjoy the scenery that Halloween offers.

But anyway, I started near the back and watched everyone hurt each other as I mozied towards the front. After about 4 laps or so and $1 later, I was feeling good and ready to pick up the pace. Butthead was back in the lead group and I knew he didn't feel like sitting on, we attacked on either side of the group and lead into the first turn of the lap with BH about to rip his leg off as he nearly slid off the course. We managed to pull a gap on the rest, riding the railroad tie section ($1), and riding pretty clean, making up some time in the corners.

After about 3 laps of riding with BH we rode the railroad tie section again and my front tire slid out coming off the first and I rode straight into the next and smashed my knee into my handlebar. I tried to get back on and start going but noticed I couldn't feel anything from my knee down. I sat up for a second and made sure I had movement and tried to keep going. Some feeling came back in my knee and the pain felt deep, not superficial. I thought I may have messed something up so I walked down the course as everyone passed by and decided it wasn't worth risking it. I pulled the plug to prevent further injury. It is pretty swollen tonight, I will try riding on it tomorrow morning.

On the bright side, I found $40 in the parking lot and won $2 from being awesome. The new cross bike felt comfortable and fast... no back pain either.


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