Bubba #9

Posted on 7:30 PM by Schottler

I had a pretty big week of riding last week to lead up to this last Bubba race and the state championship. The course this week was pretty awesome, including a sweet sweeping section through the tree's with rutted turns you could lay into at full speed, and some higher speed paved sections.

I tried getting on the front row this week but being handle bar to handle bar I dropped back a couple feet to prevent an inevitable bar tie up crash with Davey B or Jay. This put me in about 10thish place into the first turn, which really wasn't what I was going for. The course however was pretty consistent so coming into the 2nd lap there was still a line of about 10 dudes, with Dr. Mark setting a super fast pace, with me being towards the back scoping things out. The infamous scary root, which I crashed on during a practice lap, jumbled up the group a bit and gaps began to open. Coming out of the steep mud climb a pretty big gap opened up on the front 3 riders, I managed to get by a few riders and put down a full sprint on the paved section against the headwind and caught the lead group. I followed the group for a while and eventually ended up riding on Nate Rice's wheel for a lap, with me leading for another lap. After that, Nate went by and I was having trouble matching his speed and began to bog down, with my lower back completely gone (my usual excuse every race this year.)

The rest of the race I was pushing myself as hard as I could to keep my distance from the chase group, who looked very strong. I finished the race in 2nd about 20 seconds behind Nate, I managed to bring back about 10 seconds in the last 2 laps, but there is no way I would have survived another lap. Nate was freaking flying through everything.

My goal this winter is to fix this whole weak back thing that is sapping power after 25 minutes of super effort.

Thanks again Team Seagal and everyone else for screaming at the top of their lungs to push us the whole race, it really makes this type of racing the most epic.


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