CX State Championship

Posted on 5:56 PM by Schottler

I don't even know where to start... the race was epic. We haven't had any rain in a while and I was driving to the race thinking it was going to be dry and frozen. I was wrong as shit, it was mudtacular. I have never raced cross in the mud before, so I had no idea where I would end up. The course was 2 miles long, had a pavement start/finish area, hill run/ride up, 4 5" barriers, 2 normal barriers, and lots and lots of slippin slidin corners and sludgy mud sections. I took the pit bike out for a couple practice laps and ate shit both laps... not helping the confidence. However, the course was one of the best of the year, it was still super fast considering the conditions.

There weren't many people in the P12's field, mainly because they were doing the Master's races, or they didn't want to ride in the cold, but everyone lined up has been consistently fast all year. Once we took off I was on 4th wheel into the mud/grass, but peeps were taking diggers and sliding out in some of the first turns. Eventually I ended up on Breslin's wheel in 2nd after riding the hill, but going into the corner of carnage with snot like slippery mud Davey slid out and I got by and spooled up the turbo. Through the end of the 1st lap and into the 2nd and 3rd I built up about a 30 second gap. But as usual, my back couldn't handle it anymore and was hurting bad, not giving me much to push against... which is unfortunate since my legs felt great.

I starting slowing down and looked back and saw Butthead dragging a train of people back to me... so I tried to punch it again. That train of people began to derail and it was Butthead and Breslin that were chasing me down. I ignored my back bullshit and went as hard as I could. Butthead was attached to my rear wheel for a little over a lap and we starting pulling away from Breslin. With 2 laps to go Josh went by and I was glued to his back tire for a little while, losing some time in the sludge mud section, but caught back up again riding up the hill. I did everything I could to stay with him and he pulled away by a few seconds. Towards the end of the last lap I was back on Josh's tire and he attacked through the last few corners and I couldn't keep it going. I took 2nd about 5 seconds behind Johnson, but I am still happy with how it all went down, considering this was my first mud cross race. I took 4th last year in the cat 3 race... skills and fitness have improved.

It was a super awesome race, thanks to the Bocomo peloton and everyone else for screaming their brains out, and Benji for horribly playing the trumpet that I could unfortunately hear everywhere. Nice work Dan for ripping up the 3's race and taking a win, Ethan for taking 3rd in his race with no rear brake and a good 2 minute stop in the pits to fix a rear wheel, Breslin for hanging on uncomfortably close, and Mike Best for still taking a nice 8th after a month of hanging out on the couch.

2010 will be a good year...


Davey B said...

Dude, your progress in the last year has been incredible!

Can't wait for some battles on the MTB's next year!

Congrats on all your success!

Davey B

Haricot Verts said...

BoCoMo sitcom has had Flennerpacin, Hendersonpacin, and Guppypacin and in 2010 there will be Shotpacin....

Chula told me she posted something about yoga on your facebook page. She got me on a program about 5 years ago for stress relief and it has helped hold my old man back together also. It is not that goofy tight pant levitating yoga just strengthening and stretching. Plus lots of cute flexiable girls go to the classes.

Christian said...

Yep, Schottler is the fastest guy around, but you should see him do the running man.

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