Poor Schottler

Posted on 7:09 PM by Schottler

I haven't updated this in a while, I am still trying to soak in all of my new responsibilities this year. If you know me, you probably understand all I want to do is ride my bike and try to get faster and better. I don't know where this will take me, but I won't find out without putting in as much effort and time as I can. I have been told by multiple people to focus on racing and see what can happen. After graduating I was put in a position of what I really want to do...

1) Get a real job and make some fat cash in some other city, probably lose focus on riding
2) Take some time off and work at the shop and race... and spend every penny I make on trying to live and fix flats/chains
3) Back to school... nearly for free... health insurance included... make nearly as much as at the shop (with TA and RA position), get a Master's of Science in Mechanical Engineering

So I chose what made the most sense for my future and current ambitions. Now I sit through class wondering what the hell I was thinking... watching my professors fill the board over and over again with never ending equations with a million funny symbols to find something I wish a computer could figure out so I could just go home and ride my bike again. On top of blankly staring at a chalk board every day in class, I teach the undergraduate materials selection lab every other week, with my social retardation skills out in full force.

I was told by my advisor that I am going to start doing research for him and his students... which is great, since I have to do the research anyway for my thesis, might as well get paid for it. However he won't be able to pay me until later this semester or this summer, which puts me in a really tight situation since I can't afford to sit in the lab for 40 hours a week when I need to wrench on bikes to pay the bills. He turned down a number of students to give me the position, so I really need to show him that I want to be there... but I physically can't until he pays me, which I don't think he understands. This is also putting a strain on my position at Walt's because I have been showing up late every single day, and have to cut my hours back... which they really can't handle right now.

I know I am complaining about big opportunities I have been given that a lot of people wish they had the chance of doing... but it is still stressing me out. Needless to say I really really needed the ride that happened today. It was a full on suffer fest "Fayettenam" group ride. Dave Henderson, Fattyclause, Buttface, Beans, ProPam, B for Bolton, and Larry. I am now positive everyone wanted to kill each other, and they all took swings. The ride was fast, that's all I need to say... I even made someone make "the noise". Fitness felt great, came close to matching some power records set during race season, which is promising I guess. My inexperience in road racing is apparent, but after being critiqued most of the ride, I should get faster and more efficient on the road.

This time last winter I was doing about 20 hours a week of riding, this winter I am down to 16-20. I have been focusing much more heavily on core exercises, which have been making a big difference. I also have to thank Pam Hinton for figuring out why my lower back has been exploding under hard efforts. I took her advice and results showed almost immediately... back pain is nearly gone, which means good suffering for much longer periods of time.


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