First race of the year

Posted on 3:41 PM by Schottler

Just a warning that this picture will be the most entertaining part of this post:

Raced Froze Toes here in Columbia, 62 miles (2 31 mile laps), basically a training race. This is the 3rd road race I've ever done, and my first P12 race. The 1st lap of the race was pretty calm, I was sitting mid-front of the pack hanging out most of the time, and tried an attack and ended up just riding out by myself with Musselman sitting on my wheel, this lasted for maybe 5 minutes when I realized I wasn't putting any time of the field and decided to fall back in. Towards the end of the 1st lap there was a cross wind and Ethan, Henderson, and I were rotating pulls at a nasty pace putting everyone in the gutter, but we realized we weren't going anywhere and decided to sit up.

On the 2nd lap about 4 guys were off the front and Ethan and I were sitting mid pack in a pace line and I was told "gap up to that group, don't think about it, just do it." This is coming from a guy who's raced longer then I've been alive, so I did just that. I casually rode past the main group and put in a super duper hard acceleration up a small hill once I got to the front and very quickly caught the break, with Henderson and another guy in tow. From here it was game on, with a lot of yelling to put in some hard pulls to open up a gap. We managed to put in a large gap and continued to ride away from the main field. The pace was very fast, but still within my comfort zone. On the outer road with maybe 5 miles to go, my heart rate dropped, I got light headed and dizzy, and my legs completely lost all power and would barely turn over. I bonked HARD. The guy next to me saw what was happening and went to the front and picked up the pace, I got dropped. Recovery never came, I was struggling to put out over 300 watts for any length of time. My heart rate wouldn't come up, I was helpless. Coming down Z to the finish was a headwind, which made everything worse. We had maybe a 5 minute gap on the main group, which managed to catch me with 100m to go... a dick slap in the face.

Right now I feel good that I managed to make the break and felt good and strong the majority of the time. I can't figure out what happened, why did I bonk so hard with no warning? Not eat enough or drink enough? I know that I probably worked too hard in the break and burned a couple matches on the first lap not riding very efficiently. But still, I should have been able to ride longer then that without any issues. Dave told me I have plenty of power, I just need to be tuned a little more, which is true. I was easily the least experienced road racer there, knowing that, I feel ok with my performance.


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