Becoming a roadie one race at a time

Posted on 7:33 PM by Schottler

The Cannondale is finally together after what seemed to be an eternity of waiting for each individual part to come in. I was planning on racing Lost Valley but discovered it was cancelled due to rain. Which sucks, I was really looking forward to my first mountain ride of the year. I knew there was a crit on Sunday at Forest Park, but I wasn't too interested in having my first Pro/1/2 crit (3rd crit ever) be in the rain.

Friday and Saturday night I binged pretty hard on some delicious chocolate chip cookies and half a container of rainbow sherbet... pretty sure I wasn't going to race. However I woke up Sunday with somewhat sore legs from a pretty hard Friday and Saturday ride and a big desire to go race and rip them off some more. So I drove to St. Louis at the last minute.

(Dan Schmatz, David Henderson, me, Justin Maciekowicz)

There were about 30 people or so in the race, and thankfully it quit raining right when we started. I wasn't sure what to expect in the race, but I had cyclocross type effort running through my head, but this really wasn't the case. Teammates David Henderson, Jason Ozenberger, and Dan Miller were there in the race as well. After a bit, a 10 man break formed with me, Henderson, Butthead, Dan Schmatz, Justin Maciekowicz and some others I don't know too well yet. The break wasn't working well together, no one wanted to work and it was difficult to get away. With about 5 laps to go Justin took off and built up about a 30 second lead. With 3 to go I got on the front and put on a moderate acceleration up the one small hill and looked back and had about 5 bike lengths on the person behind me, so I punched it. No one in the break was doing much work and it didn't seem like anyone wanted to chase, so I figured this would be a good move and might get away to the finish, especially if I got to Justin quickly so we could work together. I had him in my sights and was reeling him in. Coming in to 1 lap to go, right behind Justin, I looked back and saw Schmatz barreling down so I sat up and got in the back of the group to recover for the sprint. Coming in to the last turn to the finish 2 guys in front of me sat up and took the turn way slow, which screwed me over since I had to go around them and chase down everyone sprinting to the finish. I managed to catch most and finish in 4th. Teammate David Henderson managed to take the win... right after winning the Master's race.

Anyway, I am pretty happy with the result but still disappointed with that last corner, I had plenty more juice in the tank for that sprint. However, my running off the front and forcing Schmatz to chase me down wore him out enough to slow down his strong sprint, allowing Henderson to take the win.


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