Tour de Tick, Syllamo Prep

Posted on 9:14 AM by Schottler

Tour de Tick was a good race, trails dried as well as the promoter said. I hit the woods in 2nd position (I don't like the hole shot). Somewhere within the 50 feet into the trail I nailed my crank on something, I had no idea what happened, but it was worse then I thought. A minute later my chain falls off, this has NEVER happened with the XX, weird. I was in last place. I managed to pass the field and chase down Dan Miller who built up a big lead in a short period of time. Dan got squirrely on a wet turn and I attacked. Turned on the cruise control and went around a corner and heard the familiar "pshhhhhhhh", great, a flat. 15 second later Dan comes around the same corner, prepared to make fun, and "pshhhhhhh", Dan flats. We fixed our flats together and 3 minutes later the expert field passes, followed by single speed and some sport field. These were super slow flat changes. I filled up my tire and saw my tube poking through, the godawful Schwalbe Racing Ralph slit open, 4 miles into it's life. I let some pressure out and hammered the rest of the lap, seeing if it would blow again. However I knew it was inevitable.

Didn't blow up, so I grabbed another tube and c02 at the start/finish and destroyed the second lap. About half way into the 3rd lap I was in first place again. "pshhhhhh" aaaand I'm flat. 2 minutes later I get passed by some expert guys and then Dan, who really wasn't very far back at all. I fixed my flat, stuck a gu in the tire to keep from blowing out. Then realized my chain rings were wobbling back and forth, rubbing into my chain stay... shit. They dug in a little and I decided that continuing pedaling would have been stupid and may possibly destroy my frame.

I DNF'ed. Dan Miller was super impressive, he fixed his flat and calmly (much smarter then my methods) passed the whole field and finished the race in 1st. He is getting seriously strong and will be one of the big competitors this season in all of the races... mountain, road, and cross. I think I see a lot of bocomo 1-2's this year.

70% chance of storms the day before and during Syllamo. I'll be throwing on some Continental Mountain King 2.2's for the race. They are beefy and supposedly good in the mud. My goal for this race was to get 1st and beat Eric Pirtle's record time of 4:28. But now with the conditions I don't think it's possible. As for the competitors, I see Jeff Winkler, Garth Prosser, and Dwayne Goscinski signed up. There may be some other fast guys that I don't know of, but as far as I know, these are who I need to keep an eye on. If I could put money on it, I'd throw it down on Winkler, but I've beat the odds before.


Jeff Winkler said...

I probably will not make it down. I'd keep your eyes on Scott Henry. He's a pro from Texas and was second at Ouachita this year. Also Noah Singer, 4th at Ouachita.

There shouldn't be too much mud. It was wet in 2008 and mud was not an issue. However, the slippery rocks in the first 15 miles were very much an issue.

Good luck! And get some d*** tubeless wheels/tires.

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