Unhealthy addiction to bike shit

Posted on 6:57 PM by Schottler

Someone needs to have an intervention with me sometime soon. I am more addicted to getting new bikes and new bike stuff than cookies. Luke helped me out again and hooked me up with a new 2010 Cannondale SuperSix HI-MOD Di2 road bike. Full electric Dura-Ace, carbon FSA components, Ksyrium Premium wheels, and some other goodies. 15.5 lbs out of the box, and this is one bike I am not going to change, there really isn't anything that needs to be replaced, except a longer stem. I was a full fledged Sram fan before I rode this stuff. Electric Dura-Ace is on a completely new level, buttons on the shifters instead of throwing a shifter, self adjusting front derailleur trim, no derailleur adjustments, PERFECT shifting. It is something you need to ride to appreciate, I never thought to highly of it while reading reviews, but it is amazing. I don't want to hear about charging batteries, you can go at least 1500 miles on one charge. I am 95% sure Butthead creamed his pants when he first saw this.

I built it last night and used the fit stick to set it up exactly the same as my Madone, didn't even get to test ride it because of the rain. So I took it out today on our Fayettenam group ride, which turned out being nearly 80 miles with some serious race efforts and dick swinging. Dave Henderson, Ethan, and I took some big pulls and eventually blew the group apart leaving only us and Dan Miller. Bike rides very well, better road feedback then the madone, slightly heavier, but VERY responsive. I'll need to ride it more to get better feedback... the Madone is amazing, but this is as well. Besides Musselman shifting my bike while we were riding, pushing me in a ditch, a good sunburn, and me riding off the road near big tree with a sweet recovery, it was a good ride.

Anyway, I have preregistered for Hillsboro Roubaix next Saturday, should be a good 87 mile Pro/1/2 race. Teammates Dave Henderson, Dan Miller, and Ethan Froese will be showing up, should be a good time. I have also preregistered for the Snake Alley Criterium, I have high hopes for myself at this race.... 1 big ass climb and a screaming descent.

My plan this season has somewhat changed from waiting for mountain races to not be cancelled, to racing on the road nearly every weekend. The ultimate plan is crit/road racing Saturday's and mountain racing Sunday's. Fitness should build up with consistent race efforts and get me ready to destroy the upcoming cross season (more new bikes, can't wait.)


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