Cut my losses

Posted on 1:42 PM by Schottler

I've spent all week trying to get over some nasty reoccurring SI joint pain. 3 days off the bike and short workouts didn't seem to help. I can still ride seated, but every time I stand up or get bumped around, I get the same shooting pains. I was really banking on the pain disappearing by Syllamo on Saturday. But that wasn't the only issue with the race weekend. 90% chance of strong storms Friday night, 80% chance of T-storms Saturday. I started driving down to Mountain View AR Friday afternoon and by the time I got into southern Missouri, the steady rain and distant lightning became heavy rain and a breathtaking lightning storm. Hydroplaning at 40mph and hail made me turn on the radio, hearing a tornado warning in the county I just came into and a tornado on the ground in the town I am about to roll through. The clouds were super ominous... swirling and all kinds of crazy shit, and almost pitch black at 7:00 PM. I hit a dry spot and punched it to about 100 to the next gas station, which was filled with others getting off the highway. The power went out in the Conoco and we waited for the storm to roll through, but according to the radio numerous bands of severe, tornado producing storms would be rolling through.

Once this band was done, rain let up a little and I continued on my journey to Syllamo. I kept the weather radio on and made it Oregon County. No less then 1 minute of getting into this county I hear on the radio "new tornado warning has been issued in Oregon county, tornado on ground in northern Oregon county, north of Thayer"... shitballs, I am 10 miles north of Thayer... and it's hailing again. F that, high speed U-turn back to West Plains. It's about 9:45 at this point and I decided to hit the Eject button on making it to the cabin Team Seagal offered a bed at. 1.5 hours from the race, not so bad, wake up in the morning and drive down.

Woke up at 4:00 AM and got out of bed and couldn't walk without super sharp pains in my SI. Shiiiiit, this sucks. Knowing the weather forecast and how I was feeling, I had to make a big boy decision. Race with the pain, possibly get more injured, go slow, completely destroy my drive train, and have to overhaul my bike post-race, or cut my losses and drive home with my head down. I chose the smarter of the 2, I drove home. I am pissed that I didn't race anyway... but I seriously doubt it would have been worth it. My bike and hip are happy... time for ice cream.

The worst part was the weather forecast was wrong, there were no storms during the race. Time for a yard sale.


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