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Posted on 4:18 PM by Schottler

I think my loyal 5 readers are aware of the SI joint pains I've been constantly having all year, as well as the super nasty low back pain I get in races. I was convinced by the majority of the BOCOMO peloton to go see a doctor since there might be something seriously wrong and could permanently damage something. I've been seeing Curt the last few weeks and he's been doing a fantastic job at making me feel better. I went to the doctor yesterday and he wrote me a prescription to see a PT and get everything fixed. I went to the PT today and he told me the same thing that Curt did. I have muscle imbalances that are causing my pelvis to tilt, inflaming my SI joint, and blowing up my lower back during races.

Basically what he found was that I have very strong quads and hip flexors, but my glutes are weak, and my hamstrings are okay. My hip flexors are extremely inflexible, as well as my hamstrings. Somehow all of this causes my pelvis to tilt and twist. So those imbalances and inflexible muscles need to be corrected. I was told it might be a rough season, since it will probably hurt. None of this sounds like good news I know, but the good news is that I can still ride my bike. He told me to keep training, keep stretching, and keep doing the exercises.

People always say you are only as good as your weaknesses', and in this case, the weaknesses' are clear and performance inhibiting. It seems pretty clear to me that once I get this all fixed, my power will increase and I will be able to hold it longer. This is bad news for anyone racing cross this fall.


ProPam said...

Nice. Glad you have a recovery plan.

Davey B said...

"This is bad news for anyone racing cross this fall."

It's been clearly apparent in quite a few races that I have done with you that the only thing harnessing your power is your injury and bad luck. Can't wait to see what happens when you can lay it down!

David Henderson said...

I found this site to be helpful to (somewhat) understand your predicament:

I also read that SI joint pain can be caused by twisted pelvis, muscle imbalances, and also leg length discrepancy and overpronation (Hip pain, especially posterior pain is often caused by over-pronation. The internal rotation of the leg transmits all the way up to the hip joint. This leads to additional tension in all the posterior ligaments and muscle attachments.)

Just a suggestion: Recheck your saddle height. You could be fine. I looked at video and it's hard to tell. Maybe a little high? I have Lemond's sizing chart on my blog or it's in his book: "Greg Lemond's Complete Book of Cycling". (just trying to help)

David Henderson

Greg said...

I know all too well that overuse injuries are the most frustrating thing in the world. Glad to hear you're able to ride again.

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