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Posted on 6:37 PM by Schottler

Let's see here, where to start. I am 95% certain I have the worst luck on a bike ever. I put a new set of tubeless tires on for Syllamo, which I didn't race due to injury. Went on a gravel road ride this week and flatted them, cafe latex didn't seal a pin sized hole. I put in a tube in and made it home. Rode mountain the day after and flatted it again. AWESOME! So I went back to a tire that hasn't let me down, the super narrow tubeless Bontrager 29-3 2.0. It really measures smaller then a 2.0, but the way I look at it, a narrower tire won't clip rocks as easily on trails.

Drove down to race Greensfelder with Mike Best. Gorc did an AMAZING job with this trail, it gets beaten up by horses but it was in primo shape for the race, A+ job. But anyway, anyone could probably guess how I did. Right! I broke a chain, 50 feet into the race. The age groups leave in 1 min. gaps, so as I ran (slowly, running is hard) backwards over the start/finish I was heckled by competition.

It took a long time for me to try and run to my car, with my SI joint already completely blown up. I fixed the chain and tore off to the starting line. I started 7 minutes back, behind ALL of the sport/single-speed/expert riders, which was probably over 100 people. Immediately into the single track behind everyone it was a cluster, going VERRRRYYYYY slowly down the first loose decent, and SUUUPPPERRR slowly up the climbs and over the big scary rocks. I politely asked to get by everyone in front of me saying I was an expert rider trying to catch back up, but I got no response from anyone. I called which side I was passing on and tried to get by but people just speed up, they were totally going to win. Wow, awesome, this might take a while. I wish I had a heart rate monitor on, it must have been around 100. People in front were crashing, running into tree's, rocks, each other, it was kind of entertaining. I passed everywhere I could, drilled it where I could, took it easy on the insta-flat sections, took Green Bean's advice and timed my efforts.

The last 2-3 miles or so was gravel double track with a 300 ft. climb. I absolutely destroyed this climb/section each lap, passing huge chunks of people. I passed pretty much all of the sport/single speeders on the first lap and began passing expert riders on lap 2. I stayed in my big ring the entire race, lap 2 was about 20-30 seconds slower then the fastest lap of the day (Ploch), while continuously being stuck in traffic.

Anyway, lap 1 was super super slow due to fixing a mechanical and being stuck behind riders, lap 2 was quick, lap 3 was also fast, but not fast enough. I still managed to win my age group by 8 minutes and finish in the top 10 overall. Not bad I guess considering first lap was 13 minutes slower then it should have been. I finished 10 minutes behind Ploch, I think I would have done pretty well if the Josh Johnson recommended Wippermann chain didn't explode. I also forgot to mention I got DQ'd after the race, apparently going back to my car to fix my chain is a big no-no in the USAC world. It sure put me at a big advantage in the race. But Mike Best finished 3rd behind Ploch and Eric Pirtle, super impressive considering he "hasn't really been training." Also nice job Ploch, not bad for someone who floats down rivers all day.

I am tired of having to race through traffic.


Matt Schweiker said...

That start was insane. I glanced over to catch you ghost ridin' your top tube. Way to keep it upright and get back in there.

I think this reaction shot really captures the moment:

Scott said...

Your too fast. I have a 1st place medal in my kitchen that is not mine. Glad you enjoyed the signs on your parade through sport class.

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