Birthday Shenanigans

Posted on 8:31 PM by Schottler

We drank all night, then at midnight, my birthday, we decided it would be a great idea to go on a bike ride. Friends that joined in were Brent, Tim, Jesse, and Andy. First I put on my birthday skinsuit. We left at 1am, already very drunk.

Backpacks were stacked full of beer, mainly Mich Ultra so I could watch my figure. We all drank (chugged) the entire way to Big Tree, Nifong to the MKT trail.

I continued to drink and went to the front and picked up the pace, suffering ensued... only from drinking too much.

Made it to the MKT entrance... time to shotgun another beer... hard to do that with a bottle.

I attacked off the trail through some farm field, didn't flat.

Eventually we made it to Big Tree... and chugged another beer.

Took the paved road around the big tree, I attacked in a TT position.

Took the new bypass around the new bridges on the MKT... I've never ridden the bypass before. I slammed into a pile of dirt at full speed, with no light. I didn't flat.

We all rode like drunken idiots the whole way back to Columbia, numerous crashes occurred. Lots of skidding rocks on each other, flying off into the woods, and sprinting around. Once back in como we (Brent, Jesse, and I) loaded up on pancakes, beef, and whatever else was in sight and headed back out again... back to Big Tree via MKT to the Katy Trail to Rocheport... with a lot more beer. We eventually made it with lots of mosquito bites, pee breaks, and beers later. The sun came up when we made it there, 5:30am by the time we rode up to the winery... still very drunk.

Yes, Jesse is a special little guy.

We ran out of beer on the way back and started sobering up... it seemed to have taken forever. Jesse was bleeding from flying over the bars coming down from the winery. My tires were still intact.

I took a nap while riding.

We made it back home by 7:30am... about 6 hours of ride time and around 56 very drunken miles on mountain bikes... completely lost count of beers consumed, still slightly drunk when we got back. Slept about 4 hours, went to Ihop, then continued drinking Trops at the pool all day and lots of beer all night. Definitely one of the best birthdays in a while, I am happy nobody died.


Jesse said...

I had just as much fun and it wasn't even my birthday. Let's do it again!

ProPam said...

Nice! I am happy nobody flatted....

Scott said...

My birthday was similar at the teamseagal MFXC2010 non-race....minus the bike riding while drinking, Just drank all night at a mexican disco camp site. Did lots of falling down of my own though(waaaaaaaaaaaasteeeeeeeeeed). I agree, these are the best birthdays.

Happy birthday.

Hope you didnt get DQ'ed.

Dan said...

Happy late b-day! Looks like a ton of fun.

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