Firecracker 50 Prep

Posted on 9:15 PM by Schottler

I decided to keep my bike with me last weekend, then ship it to CO, so I could get another race in... but I was talked into a party Saturday night. I was planning on having a few beers and going to sleep, but 5 minutes later I already had those down. I woke up at 11am still slightly drunk... definitely not making it. So instead of that, after rolling out of bed and napping on the couch, I did a 3.5 hour fast paced gravel ride on the mtb. I actually feel more sore today from that effort then I have from the past races, and probably better training for the 50 mile 12,000 foot climbing Marathon National Championship race in Breckenridge next weekend.

I did this race 2 years ago, my first 50 mile race. I finished in 5:02 at about 15th place or so, I hurt... bad. I did this last year and finished in 4:29 with a flat, huge improvement, still very painful, but only finished 10th. That time would have put me in 5th the year before, pretty disappointing. The difference this year is a faster, lighter, and bigger wheeled bike. Me being 5-6 pounds lighter with much better fitness, and the low back pain pretty much fixed. I really don't like setting time goals because it stresses me out and I like to just see how it goes. But I have to have some goal to shoot for I guess, so I would really like to finish in 4:10. This time would put me in top 5 or even a top 3 spot.

I will be flying out Friday morning to meet up with Green Beans and Mike Best in Breckenridge who have been riding out there all week. I would have joined them if I wasn't stuck doing science experiments at school... I need a vacation. I am super pumped.


Louis said...

Good luck man! I think I'll do it next year. Hopefully I can finish...

monkeysaspets said...

Good luck out there man! You'll do awesome. Love that area (and lived near Breck and worked seasonally for a couple of years).

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