MO MTB State Championship

Posted on 6:07 PM by Schottler

This year's race was at Castlewood again down in St. Louis. Temperature was probably over 350 degree's with a million percent humidity, and I sweated right when I got out of the car... might be an interesting race. I was pretty pumped about this race, mainly just because I wanted to get the jersey and wear it around Butthead as much as possible. A pretty strong Cat 1 field was present with the usual heavy hitters, including Elwell who took the trip down from KC, who got a SUPER impressive 14th position in the Pro Mellow Johnny's mtb race in TX, beating some very big names.

I was on the front line and we were off, the start of the race was straight up a gravel double track climb to a pretty technical decent that I would have probably died down if Breslin didn't warn me before we began. I got a good start, grabbing Elwell's wheel up the climb, down the descent, and back up Grotpeter. I looked over my shoulder after the climbs and saw Breslin hanging pretty close, with none of the other field in sight. I followed Elwell for most of the lap, but it turns out he was having some really bad stomach problems and told me to go by, so I did. Right when I did this I looked back and saw some of the group catching back up.

I hit the last climb hard, opened up a pretty big gap, and tried to pace myself the rest of the race. I wasn't sure how my body would react to the heat and humidity for 2 hours of mashing, so I tried to conserve energy and cool down where possible. I hit all of the climbs and power sections hard, and took advantage of the super flowy and fast single track to cool down and be smooth and fast. I was totally expecting to cramp and blow up the last lap.

That never happened. I came through the end of lap 3 and Green Beans told me I had over a minute lead.... that didn't seem like much time... I thought they were catching up. I tried to pick up the pace and flew up Grotpeter again, got in a lot of lapped traffic, and then attacked the last climb hard. Ended up finishing 1st overall, fastest lap a little over 26 minutes, total time of 1:52.03, with about a 3.5 minute lead over 2nd, John Rines, who was followed by John Matthews and Ploch.

Bocomo killed the weekend. Dan Miller took the single speed state jersey, and Mike Best won the marathon state jersey. Another good weekend of showing how we roll in bocomo. Also a huge thanks to Dave Stitz for the ice water into lap 4... I probably would still be laying in the woods somewhere if I didn't get that.

I have the jersey. No kankle power needed.


Dan said...

So what's the plan the next few weeks? You should post you plan for nationals...

Are you going to Granby for XC-nats? You should just stay there after Firecracker and go do it!!!

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