Recharge Time

Posted on 6:29 PM by Schottler

I came down with some nasty allergy/cold combo last weekend. I went out on a ride Saturday afternoon with some hard efforts to get ready for the Omba Caramba on Sunday, but it was way hard to maintain a hard effort. I couldn't breathe at all and was super uncomfortable/tight. I woke up Sunday feeling the same way. I am not a fan of racing when I don't feel good, especially a mountain race. 6 hours of driving for a mediocre performance with bad suffering didn't sound like fun, especially when you probably won't gain anything out of it. I skipped out on the race and took it easy. I usually take 2 weeks off the bike for some deep recovery twice a year... around now and around Christmas. I looked at the racing schedule and realized it was the perfect time to do it, I feel like crap and no races coming up. It's been about a week now without training (only commuting, but that doesn't count) and I feel fat and slow, not sure if I will make it the 2 weeks... but it's really the best way to get myself ready to start cross training and making it to December without burning out.

The new cross bike has been ordered... I can't wait.


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