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I used to think that I could never get injured from just riding my bike. One of the worst mistakes I made was taking those 2 weeks off from riding. My whole body twisted back to the same injured state earlier in the year, except 10x worse, and taking A LOT longer to overcome. The last 5 weeks or so I have been having constant SI/low back pain, at some points bad enough I couldn't sleep or walk. This is mainly due to a nasty anterior pelvic tilt that I've developed from riding and not doing much else.

Dr. Curt Kippenberger at Focus on Health Chiropractic took care of me earlier in the year and got me feeling better than I ever have while racing, no back pain, and no SI pain. It was my fault for starting to slack on the stretching/exercises/core work and taking the 2 weeks off the bike. But he has been working very hard over the past few weeks getting me back to normal again and the pain is just about gone. HUGE thanks to him for taking such an interest, I recommend everyone go there to get work done, you will feel great.

Intensity training started yesterday, a few weeks later than planned, but it went pretty well. No pain today, which is very promising. I have been limited to 1.5 hour rides on flat trail at grandma pace the last couple weeks, so I don't really have any speed in my legs at all. I will begin upping the intensity to get ready for CX, and hopefully begin to get some 4-5 hour rides in once or twice a week to get ready for the Berryman.

As for CX, I will be joining forces with my arch nemesis/Jedi Master... there will be complete destruction. Everyone else should probably get their excuses prepared.


Davey B said...

My back hurts and I'm afraid of getting lots of flats this CX season...

there will be more excuses to follow.


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