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Posted on 1:04 PM by Schottler

Mileage and intensity have been picked way up, fitness is coming back way faster than I predicted. SI pain is gone, low back pain is off and on, seems to be dependent on how tight my hamstrings feel like being that day. Race priority right now is the Berryman Epic, so my training is geared towards that and CX... I have learned it is pretty much impossible to train for both at the same time. 6 hour race this weekend, Burnin' 12 hour team, as well as 1-2 long rides a week, and a couple more XC races should get me ready. CX races start up in 2 weeks which will be building anaerobic ability. Even though my training started a few weeks later than planned, I have condensed it all down enough to be ready, basically relying on the big miles I put in over the winter/spring.

Anyway, here is my tentative race schedule for the rest of the year:

9/11: Sac River 6 hour solo -MTB
9/18-19: Hermann CX
9/21: Minneapolis weekly tuesday cx race
9/25: USGP #1 in Madison WI
9/26: MTB race?
10/2: Mizzou collegiate regional championship XC
10/3: Ronde Von Jakob CX
10/9: Burnin' at the Bluff XC
10/16: Bubba #1
10/17: Bubba #2
10/23: Berryman Epic
10/24: Bubba #3 if I can walk
10/30: Bubba #4
10/31: Bubba #5
11/6: Pro Iceman Cometh Challenge XC in WI, if I can get in.
11/7: Bubba #6
11/13: Bubba #7
11/14: Bubba #8
11/21: Bubba #9
11/28: Bubba #10
12/5: CX State Championship

These are a lot of races, some may be dropped due to time constraints/school or me being lazy.

A new CX bike has arrived, pictures will be posted once it's all ready


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