Sac River 6 Hour

Posted on 2:22 PM by Schottler

I haven't ever done a 6 hour race before and I figured this is one of the best ways to get ready for the Berryman. Conditions looked okay leading up to the race, with a couple of days of dry time, but a big storm rolled through Springfield the night/morning before the race. Race was still on, so I headed out there and met up with Dr. Beans and Mike Best. Not many people were there, only 6 in the 6 hr solo, including Best. Probably 50 or so total people, mostly teams for the 6 and 12 hour.

The trail was pretty nasty, especially the first 2 laps. It was not fast by any means, even if it was dry. Lots of turns, tons of sharp rocks, and not much climbing. I took the hole shot so I wouldn't be caught in falling down and sliding out traffic and built up a gap. About 15 minutes into the lap my front tire started spewing Stans and air and I stopped to let it seal up. It did, losing a few psi, which actually made tire pressure perfect. 5 minutes later my front tire kicked up a huge rock and smashed my rear derailleur, slightly bending my hanger. Not really the best way to start a 6 hour race. I stopped again and bent my derailleur back by hand, which actually was back to spot on. I also managed to take out all of the spider webs for everyone, you're welcome.

After the first lap was over, everything started to come together. I continued to stay on the gas, drifted through the sloppy corners, and rode pretty well overall. After each lap, the course began to get broken in, smoothed out a bit, and the mud slowly disappeared. However, the nasty parts after the multiple creek crossings got worse and worse, but all rideable to the end.

My main goal for this race was to ride hard for at least 4.5 hours, which is about the Berryman length. At just under 4 hours I had the whole solo and teamed fields lapped. I did the 4.5 hours at about 75% just fine, then began losing motivation and dreaming of cookies and pizza. The last 1.5 hours took about 8 hours if I remember right. I slowed way down so I wouldn't have to go out for an extra lap. Surprisingly, my legs still felt great at 5 hours, however the rest of me hurt, everywhere. I finished 13 5 mile muddy laps in 6:03, almost 2 laps up on everyone.

That was the longest I have ridden my mtb before, pretty fun. I also got to experiment with some snacks while racing. Coke, different GU, Clif bars, shot blocks, and electrolyte capsules. Coke was great, however upset my stomach by the end, maybe I shouldn't have 3 next time. Shot blocks go down very easy, Clif bars are too dry and hard to eat, GU is always easy and great, and the electrolyte capsules are hands down my favorite. No cramps, legs felt awesome the whole time.

Springfield Racing put on and AWESOME event! Well marked course, super nice people putting on the race, tons of food afterward for everyone, GREAT swag, and a nice payout for all the work.

Bike is pretty trashed, Finish Line Wet lube is by far the best mud lube on the market, chain stayed pretty sparkly most of the time, shifting was stayed great. Red C-Dale kit has been retired, completely destroyed by this race.


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