Boss Cross #1 & 2

Posted on 5:06 PM by Schottler

Drove up to KC for the Boss Cross series in Riverside. The course was very fast, flat, and a ton of fun... probably going to be one of the best of the year. Huge open field, about 27 people with a lot of horsepower. I started 2nd row and managed to get into about 5th by the first corner. Ended up in the lead group the most of the race, at first with Tilford (Tradewind), Tom Price (KCCX), Jeff Winkler (KCCX), and Brian Jensen (Tradewind.) Crashes and bike mishaps brought the lead group down to Tom, Brian, and I. I was pretty comfortable in the group and hung out waiting for Butthead to catch up to us. I decided to attack Brian coming into a technical sand/turn/hill section and hit the gas hard. This eventually dropped Tom and put a small gap on Jensen. My legs felt great and I was pretty pumped to hold on the gas and go. After maybe 2 laps of this with about 2 laps to go the effort/running blew my SI up bad. My sand/barrier runs turned into walks, the pain in my right hip was becoming excruciating... but my legs still felt great, unfortunately there wasn't anything left to push against. Brian closed the small gap I built and passed me. Then much to my surprise Winkler comes flying by me, I saw him on lap 3 or so standing on the side of the course fixing his bike. He was at least a minute behind me at one point of the race, very impressive. Butthead also caught me and I tried to sit on his wheel the rest of the race. I finished 4th with Winkler taking a well earned win, followed by Brian Jensen and Butthead.

Day 2 was more frustrating with my SI blowing up on lap 2. I was forced to ride at about 60% effort with no high end power, trying to stretch every 15 seconds or so. I was riding with Bill Marshall (KCCX) most of the race, he took advantage of my injury as much as possible, attacking out of corners to try and lose me, which I expected. Pretty much the whole race I was trying to ride as smooth as possible with consistant power to keep some inflammation down. I waited till the last lap to really suffer and hit the gas hard to hold on to 5th spot. I was surprised to see how much ground I made up on the last lap, nearly catching Tom Price at the finish. Most of my family came to watch this race, I wish I could have ridden like I should.

I am not a happy camper right now, very aggravated. We have worked on so many possible weakness' resulting in this injury, but it keeps coming back. I am getting an X-Ray taken on Monday to see if there is something physically wrong with the SI area that is causing the inflammation. This may be followed by an MRI and hopefully a Cortisone injection to temporarily end the pain. It's hard to estimate how long it will last, but from what I have read, 3 days to 3 months. I will completely lose my mind if I have to suffer through this every other race this season, I came way too close today.


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