Bubba #1 and Berryman Prep

Posted on 8:10 AM by Schottler

The 10 race Bubba CX series started off Saturday night. The A race started at 10PM, which has been my bedtime lately. I was way surprised to see how many people showed up, there were well over 200 people there total, which is awesome. Probably about 30 or so in the A race.

The race started with Butthead giving me a rundown of what's going to happen and what to do. It started way slow in the first 2 long straights, much different than what I've been accustomed too in KC. I really wanted to go ape shit like usual, but taking Buttheads advice and not aware of how my SI would react to the race, I held back. Johnson came by and said "let's go", so I followed. We eventually got away with Devin Clark, The Hub, and opened up a gap. I pulled a bit, Josh pulled a bit, and Devin pulled a bit, then took a funny line through a dark part of the course and Josh rolled his front tubular, again. It was then down to Devin and myself, with the gap growing bigger. I attacked through a technical part of the course and heard something happen behind me, I think Devin flatted or some other mechanical. So the rest of the race I turned on cruise control to keep a 20-30 second lead for the win. The best news was I had no pain, anywhere. This was the first CX race I didn't have my back/SI hurt, a big deal to me. All thanks to Dr. Curt at Focus on Health Chiropractic, as well as drugs.

Sunday I had to work my roommates shift, since he's at Collegiate Nationals, so I went for a 4 hour gravel ride into the night. I was going to replace the rear spoke on my mtb wheel from Burnin', but I discovered another broken spoke, which is 3 in about a month. Deciding not to risk it, I rebuilt the wheel with new double butted spokes, brass nipples, new tire, tubeless double layered rim strip, and a new valve core. New chain is going on today as well as a thorough cleaning.

The Berryman Epic is next weekend, a race that I've been stressing out about since I crossed the finish line in 1st last year 10 seconds ahead of Tilford. It's a big money race that almost makes the time and effort I put into training and racing worth it financially. However, it's not just about the money, it's considered the 'big race' of the year in Missouri, and I have to retain my title. My fitness is a lot better than last year, my back/SI pain is temporarily gone, and my handling/racing skills have been improved significantly. I am excited, but ready for it to be over so I can just worry about CX.


David Henderson said...

Glad to hear that things are going well. Also it's good to read that you are staying on top of your bike maintenance.

Here's a post that Butthead should read

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