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Posted on 8:21 AM by Schottler

This time I decided to see another doctor all on my own, without the BOCOMO peloton calling me one by one. The aggravation and pain from last weekend sent me over the edge with an ongoing power reduction injury. Through recommendation by Dan Miller, I went and saw his orthopaedic sports doctor about my SI joint. The results were consistent with another doctor, physical therapist, and Dr. Curt. Nothing major is wrong causing the pain, which I was starting to doubt over the past weeks... but thankfully I am still relatively healthy.

I was told the anterior pelvic tilt, among other things related to this, is causing the SI joint/low back pain. 3 options were given to me; Continue what I am doing with pain, cortisone injection to relieve pain for the rest of the season, or PRP injection to promote healing and fixing the issue. I told the doctor I want to finish the rest of this season without pain as long as I won't cause any damage. He recommended to just get the cortisone injection right now, so I did. It will take a few days to have an effect, but will last a few months. PRP injection would probably be most helpful for long term, but pain is increased for about a week, and takes about 3 weeks to notice any change. I have had people tell me cortisone injection is a 'stupid' idea... but it is put in a very limited movement area, which won't tear itself apart like in a knee or shoulder. But ideally, the cortisone will eliminate the pain I am feeling in my SI joint/low back. If it works, I should be back on my A game shortly.

The plan he gave me was to continue the PT work I am doing (stretching, exercises, etc.) and come back to see him in 2 months. Once the season is over, we will look into PRP injection to help the SI joint and surrounding tendons. This will also be the best time for me to hit the gym hard to help strengthen the weaker muscles causing the imbalance. I will also take Jeff Winkler's suggestion and start yoga for flexibility. Hopefully all of this will fix the issue and keep me healthy in the long run.

I was given the green light to race Burnin at the mf'ing Bluff tomorrow. I am doing the 12 hour team with Green Beans and Mike Best. I am looking for a new course record. I did the fastest lap last year of 1:02.30 on a slow muddy course with a bike and wheel size I've never ridden. If I can keep my back together, 59.59 should be beatable.

But here is a picture that will bring a smile to anyone's face:


David Henderson said...

Looks like Butthead is diving for loose change. I would call it a cyclocross....

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