Done Again

Posted on 3:01 PM by Schottler

I went to my parents house over Thanksgiving to spend time with my family and ended up sleeping on an air mattress. After a couple nights of this I noticed something wasn't right with my SI joint. Day 3 I had nasty sharp pains in my left SI joint, enough that I could barely walk. The next night I was given a bed and it was still there the day after. I definitely couldn't pedal a bike, especially dismount and run, so I had to skip Sunday's race. I am still feeling it today and it has me to the point of ending the season again, after a week of somewhat hard comeback training. I haven't had this kind of pain in the left side yet, probably not a good sign.

It sounds stupid to get a sports injury from sleeping bad, but when thinking back to when it became super inflamed, I had a bad night sleeping on something unsupportive... like a couch or air mattress. I don't know if I should relate the two, but it seems like I should.

Either way, my season is over and I am going to get back to fixing the cause of the issue and come back stronger next season. I am already excited for 2011 CX.

In the meantime, I am going to nerd out and keep myself busy by building a home theater computer (HTPC). It will be set up with a dual HDTV tuner hooked up to my wireless network to turn the computer into a HDDVR and Blu-Ray server with Windows 7 Media Center. Should be done with this on Wednesday. I'll take the opportunity to post about how big of a nerd I really am.

I'll also be building another powertap wheelset for the road bike with the new Joule 2.0 computer. Completely going against the Butthead training plan and what I felt was right this year.


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