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I finished my 2 week break off the bike and went for a spin Friday evening and on Saturday. To my surprise I didn't feel all that bad.

I went against my best judgment and decided at the last minute to go race Bubba #9 at Mt. Pleasant. The course is on a side of a hill making it pretty difficult, I won it last year and it was the first CX race I had won. The race really ended up how I thought it would, however things could have gone better.

I missed my call-up at the start and ended up in the 2nd row. Got a horrible start and was pushed back somewhere around 15th. At probably 2 minutes in on a rough descent my bars spun down, got my pit bike, ended up back on the course right near last. Got my bike 'fixed' on lap 2, back to the pit to get it, last place again. Bars were tightened but not rotated back up, couldn't ride it, back to the pit lap 3, ended up back of the pack again. Lap 4 I was back in the pit to get the race bike, bars were rotated back up and tightened... and back of the pack again.

At this point I think there were about 8 short laps to go, Butthead waiting for me the whole time and we had A LOT of time to make up. The leaders were way gone and the course was not at all fast... big time difference. I went as hard as I could at this point with Butthead in tow and we started picking off riders. Butthead was feeling sick and not right, mostly from having the flu all week, and did the smart decision and pulled the plug to not mess himself up more.

I just kept pushing it as hard as I could. I caught up to Jeff and took over the 3rd spot and was closing in on Dan and Devin. With about 4 to go I thought I was going to catch them. Dan then took off and I was within seconds of Devin. Devin was able to hold me off and Dan took the win.

I guess I can't really complain, I rode well just getting over pneumonia and no exercise for two weeks. I would say my fitness was about 70% of where it was before I got sick. Captain Hindsight told me that if I didn't have to keep switching bikes and got a good start I would have given Dan a better race.

The last Bubba race is next Sunday, with the state championship the week after, fitness will hopefully be back by then.


Ethan said...

Ummmm - Just like I predicted.

Listen to old people.

ProPam said...

Ethan's right. We old people have learned these lessons the hard way....

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