Posted on 12:43 PM by Schottler

I decided to take the time off. The doctor told me I should get back into riding very slowly. I explained to her what cyclocross was and she quickly responded with telling me that racing that would be a horrible idea.

I am trying to take 2 weeks off but somehow talked myself into riding for an hour and a half on the trail on Saturday. Somehow my legs felt great, but I spent most of the time coughing crap up. Riding will pick up again at the end of this week and the gym will start very soon.

I am also going to be changing my winter training a bit. I still plan on 20 hour weeks of gravel, but I will pick up the intensity a bit more, specifically 20 min. efforts.

I decided to race for Big Shark for next mountain season and I'm currently deciding between two new bikes:

The first is the Scott Scale 29 RC. The second is the newer version of my current bike, Cannondale Flash Carbon 29. Both will be equipped with Sram XX. The C-dale will be about a pound lighter with the lefty. Both are super sweet, right now I am leaning towards the bike I am already used too.


Dan said...

Can't go wrong either way, but if it isn't broke why fix it?

Schottler said...

New bike legs are more effective than any training plan!

Dan said...

Being psyched is always the best training. Get whichever one makes you more psyched.

Dave said...

Umm, a pound lighter? Unless the Scott is $1K less, get the lighter bike.

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