Tour of Missouri CX

Posted on 7:49 AM by Schottler

I don't know how much longer this cortisone is going to last, I am starting to ache a little in my right SI joint again. I woke up Saturday morning not being able to walk with sharp pain in my left SI. My season may be cut short, so I want to get as many races in as I can before I am immobile.

I woke up early Saturday morning to head to KC for the Boss Cross #3 race just a few minutes from my parents house. The usual stacked field was there with all the KCCX guys, Tradewind, among others. I somehow got on the front line at the start... and it was a fast start. Almost immediately it was Joseph Schmalz (KCCX), Jeff Winkler (KCCX), and myself riding away from the field together, very quickly.

The course was a lot of fun, but unfortunately for me there were 2 different sets of barriers. One set was up a hill before a full length volleyball court sand run. We had to run the v-ball court long ways twice each lap. I couldn't run that much, both SI joints were yelling at me.

(Photo props to Elizabeth Rangel)

I started pulling after near half away in and I still felt like I was riding well. Then Schmalz attacked and I couldn't match his pace, he rode away and didn't slow down at all. Shortly after that Winkler caught up to me and told me to get on his wheel to finish the race. I did, but then over-corrected a corner and shot into the tape. I tried to bridge back up to him but the running was taking its toll on me... not to mention his ridiculous motor. I think it was about 4 to go at this point and there was no one in sight behind me, I shut off the gas and cruised the rest of the race to conserve some energy for later.

Obviously the best way to recover after a cross race is drive from KC to STL. Thankfully my car has butt warmers, which were set to full blast to keep my back/SI loose. Bubba #4 was that night with a start time of 10PM, I rolled in a couple hours before.

The start was a little silly, more aggressive than the KC race, but for no reason. And there was more sand, great. I was hoping to run some more. The sand section was a 2 parter with a 180 degree turn in grass back to more sand. It was rideable, but there was a 1 foot 45 degree vertical dirt ledge at the end, which wasn't very visible. I tried riding it nearly every lap and managed to fall on it numerous times.

Butthead and I stuck to the team tactics the whole race. Hung out for a while and let the drama unfold at the front. With about 5 to go we attacked, with Butthead letting me sit on his wheel to try and recover. Thanks to him for waiting for me with a few stupid mistakes in the sand.

We got a pretty good gap and cruised the rest of the race with a viscous coasting sprint for a 1-2 finish. Turns out I crushed him by about a tire nob. Sorry.

(Photo props to Eville Mike)

Sunday was another race at the same park. Josh tweaked his back in the night race, and I was worn out. We went for an hour ride to St. Charles on some trails to loosen up. The start of the race wasn't as aggressive, but we stuck to the team tactics again. Josh was having tire pressure trouble and switched bikes twice, so I hung out in the back waiting for him. With about 4 to go we were back together and it was game on. I took a pull and Josh was having some obvious back pain. He gave me the green light to go for the win and he would do what he could. At this point Dan Miller was riding away from the lead group, probably 20 or so seconds ahead of me.

I floored it and bridged up to the chase group, passed the chase group, and bridged up to Dan. 3 to go I took a second to recover and attacked again and opened a gap on Dan. Cruise control at full gas was engaged the rest of the race. Dan took 2nd followed by Butthead and Devin Clark.

This course was the best of the Bubba series this year, lots of fun. HUGE thanks to Mike Weiss for letting Josh and I crash at his house.


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