Unplanned Break

Posted on 10:43 AM by Schottler

I've had pneumonia since last Wednesday. My fever has been jumping around like crazy, going higher than I think I've ever seen it. The doctor gave me some good drugs and told me not do anything. It's now Tuesday and I've been sitting on the couch doing nothing since Wednesday night. The good news is my fever broke last night and is still normal. I'm going to guess my legs barely work anymore. But that probably doesn't matter since all the crap in my lungs won't even let me breathe anyway.

CX is such a brutal form of bike racing, you need everything to work well or you're not gonna have a good time. If you can't breathe, you won't have any power and will suffer horribly. The rest of the racing season is in question right now. There are about 6 CX races left, 2 of which are this upcoming weekend. I will try riding tomorrow morning easy for about an hour and see how it goes, not expecting much. Racing this weekend probably wouldn't be very smart, I'll see how I feel on Friday.

Realistically, if I could breathe fine, I would probably be back in race form in about two weeks. However I've read it can take a month before the coughing and lung crap come to and end. This means I could push myself to train and maybe be in good form for the last race of the year.

OR, I could take this as a sign to finally quit racing for the year and begin working on the bigger issues I was having which were planned for the winter "off season". That is, the SI/low back pain. I could start the gym time now and most likely get a positive result sooner and be ready for the first races of the year. Gym time now would be good for 2 other reasons. Cortisone still seems to be working and that will make the lifting much more bearable. The second reason is that BOCOMO has no off-season.

The longer I spend typing this thing out the more I seem to be making up my mind. Finally fixing my SI/back now is probably smarter than suffering through the training/racing post-pneumonia for the last 4 weekends. But, I want to race. Bad. I still feel like I have unfinished business and could have improved more by the end of the year. Can't always get what you want.

Suggestions? Or did my fortune cookie just tell me?


Jeff Winkler said...

Dude, just get your body sorted out and come back strong next year. You aren't missing anything in the next 3 weeks that you can't recoup next season.

Jesse said...

Let's just play some video games...

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