Winter Training... Thanks Focus on Health!

Posted on 9:14 AM by Schottler

I haven't done much since being reinjured towards the end of cross season. I have pretty much taken an extended rest period for the past month, longest I have ever gone without training. It's been good, I have time to do things, like hang out with my friends and enjoy life outside of training. I've been commuting to school about every day to keep some fitness, but that's about it. I was actually a lot more upset about missing the cx races and the state championship than I thought I would be, I have had no motivation to ride. But now the season is over and I can look towards training for next season, with the motivation building.

I have started lifting for the first time since I started racing bikes... which has come with a HUGE wakeup call. I lifted last Saturday with the assumption that race fitness would equal good strength and quick recovery. Not all, I was surprised to see how weak I was and how much weaker I got by the third sets. I also did too much, I couldn't walk right for the next 3 days and at 5 days later I was still sore. Crazy. I did all this on my own and realized I should probably get some advice. But really I think it's a good sign, it means there is huge room for improvement and will most definitely equal a huge jump in speed, power, and injury prevention on the bike.

Dr. Curt at Focus on Health Chiropractic has gone way beyond helping me this year. He takes a personal interest in helping every patient that comes in the door, and from what I have experienced, will go above and beyond expectations to eliminate issues. Throughout the season he worked on me twice a week to get me in line and able to race the upcoming weekends without pain and getting more injured. He has set up the fit on all of my bikes to help prevent further injury... which has also increased power and comfort. He has come to the gym with me to teach and check lifting form, as well as demonstrate exercises to target the weak areas. A 4 day a week lifting schedule has been set up which consists of 2 days of core work and 2 days of lifting, with about 6 days of riding. I am sure that without his help this season, I wouldn't have been riding nearly as well. A HUGE thank you! If you are having any issues, sports related or not, or would like to get checked out and see if there is anything you could improve, I strongly recommend going to see him!


Scott said...

You should probably do more sit ups. You were looking kind of fat the last time I saw you(6'1...160... wouldnt tell anyone about that).... just sayin. Fast or not... fat is not cool. But tastes good.

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