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Posted on 10:22 AM by Schottler

Since I submitted my application to Boulder my situation in my current research group has sort of gone south. I won't get in to the details, but it has nearly eliminated an option of staying here for a PhD. Unfortunately, it has also shown what academia is all about, and is making me second guess whether I want to continue on past completing my Masters this summer. All of a sudden, I really need to figure out what it is I want to do if I don't continue on to a PhD.

I have a few options in mind that all include moving to Boulder in August. Ideally, taking a semester or year off while making enough money to live and have fun would be awesome. Getting a job and making real money would be nice as well. A big part of me just wants to experience living in Boulder and enjoying the riding and all that the town has to offer. I have no baggage right now, and this is really the only time of my life I could do something like this. I don't know.

Anyway, training this winter is going sort of slow. I am planning all of my rides on how I feel, if my SI or low back hurts, I will either not ride or spin on the trainer for a little bit. Most likely I will continue the base mileage a little farther into the year as usual since I am getting a slow start on the real long rides. I am planning on not starting any intensity until I consistently feel comfortable. SI pain has been gone for over a week now without any medication, which is great, it seems to be improving week by week. I think the lifting has had a very positive affect. This time last year I couldn't even move my right leg without agonizing sharp pains.

All rides this year have been on snow covered gravel, just like last year. I actually prefer this since handling skills are tested and improved throughout the whole ride, rather than just mindlessly spinning down the road getting only hours in the saddle. After an entire winter of this last year, I noticed a huge improvement in my handling skills. Thankfully the bocomo peloton is always willing to go ride in the cold, snow, and slop. The downside is you are left with a completely trashed bike after every ride.


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