Posted on 8:59 AM by Schottler

I have been lifting now for 2-3 weeks, doing mostly body weight exercises to learn proper form and regain some muscle memory. Last week I ended up riding about 15 hours, probably too much. Pain has come back in my left SI joint (opposite side of last year), with my low back hurting for the majority of the easy rides. I was hoping that the exercises and the extended time off the bike would have put me in a good position to start riding, apparently not.

It is now January 6th and I am headed in the same direction as last year, not good. I'll be taking some advice from Dan Miller and Dr. Curt and put the riding on hold and spend more time in the gym. I will be lifting Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, while doing core work Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, in addition to some epic stretching 1-2 times a day. I am going to take a week off the bike and start off slow, increasing the volume a little every week, instead of being my usual impatient self and jump into 15 hour weeks. I have also started taking fish oil and vitamin c supplements, which have been shown to improve joints, so I guess it couldn't hurt.

But anyway, my season will start off slower, but I am more than happy to let that happen so I can survive the whole year. My big races aren't till the middle of the year anyway.


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