Posted on 11:20 AM by Schottler

I am happy to announce I will be sponsored by Ergon for another year.

2011 Ergon USA Sponsored Riders and Teams

I recently received a pair of limited edition white Ergon GX1 grips.

For the last two years I have only been using the Ergon GX2 Carbon grips. I have to say these grips are amazing, especially for the longer races. I used to have a problem death gripping my bars in rides/races, but now I comfortably rest my palms on the bars. The larger surface area and ergonomic fit makes it MUCH more comfortable. The carbon bar ends will still be used for longer races and trails with more wide open single track. The standards GX1's will be used for tight trails and most likely fast/short races.

The grip specific Ergon gloves will be most likely be in stock mid-March. I am REALLY looking forward to these, my two year old Giro gloves with about 5 holes each need to be retired. Walt's Bike Shop should be getting these in as soon as they are available.

Thanks Ergon!


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