Froze Toes

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First "race" of the year, Froze Toes. Austin Flaton and I rolled from town in the 38 degree rain 50 minutes to the Froze Toes start on Z highway. Only 39 people started the Pro 1-3 field. The start of the race was around 45 degrees and went up to the high 50's by the finish... with sunshine! Not a bad day.

I didn't have any expectations in this race, I just wanted to get some miles and intensity in, however I could. Jim Vandeveen (Dog Fish) and Bob Cummings (Team Monster Energy) attacked early held the break the whole race.

Most of lap 1 my legs didn't feel too great and I did some tailgunning, but moved to the front towards the end of the lap. Lap 2 I did a lot of chasing, took some long pulls, and tried to get people to start working. I don't know what the deal was, I don't understand road racing. The break kept gaining time and just a few of us were willing to put in an effort, it seems like everyone just gave up. Justin Maciekowicz was on my wheel most of the time and wouldn't pull through because his teammate was in the break... but it seemed no one would pull through to chase, he did a good job of blocking. Maybe I am missing something, perhaps sitting in the pack and drafting the whole day somehow makes you faster. No... no I don't think that's how it works. Justin eventually attacked and soloed in for 3rd, again no one chased.

On the 70 outer road with 10 miles to go I attacked the climb with another rider who couldn't pull through and built a gap of maybe 20 seconds at the most and got caught with 1km to go and rolled through in the pack in 12th.

(Thanks to Elizabeth Rangel for more great pictures!)

I rode my training wheels with power meter and played around with the data a bit, nothing too exciting but good enough for me this time of the year. Junior and I rolled back together with a grand total of 90 miles for the day and 3230 KJ.

Looking back at the race I should have just solo'd away. On quite a few occasions while I was pulling I was just riding away from the group with Justin blocking, so I sat up hoping someone would come around to work. Would have been a good opportunity to go ride away by myself, I had the fitness to.

Up next is the STXC race in KC on Saturday. I haven't ridden the MTB since the Berryman, probably would be a good idea to pedal it around before the 6 hour race on March 12th.


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