Pain Free At Last

Posted on 3:26 PM by Schottler

It's been over a month now since I've had the bad SI pain. This is as long as I've been able to go in a year, without medication. Getting realigned by Dr. Curt along with his strength training and stretching regime seems to have put me back on track.

Training has been going pretty well, a little more consistent than last year since I can actually move my legs without screaming. It's been nearly all aerobic base mileage. I haven't really put in as many hours as I would like, mainly because my legs won't let me with all the lifting, all part of this new "listen to your body" type exercising. Gym time will be dropped down to once a week for maintenance in about 3 weeks while I begin to work in more intense efforts. Right now I feel like I have zero high end power or snap, hopefully everything stays together when the intensity picks up.

The 19" snowstorm Columbia got has left the Katy Trail completely unrideable, so I have actually been on the road, weird. Gravel roads are hit and miss with the icing and thawing(mud).

As for school, I should have my thesis and results done by May. Hopefully I will be defending in June and be done. I haven't heard anything from UC-Boulder, probably not a good sign. I am also applying for a big boy job out there that specializes in the exact same research I did for my Masters, that would be pretty awesome.


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