Time to get fast!

Posted on 3:11 PM by Schottler

I just registered for 2 big races early in the year:

Spa City 6 Hour, which is part of the new USAC Pro Ultra-Endurance series, in Hot Springs Arkansas... March 12th, a whole 2 weeks away. I am not really in race shape, but most people aren't. Looks like it will be a lot of fun either way.

The next is the Sea Otter Classic in Monterey California, April 14-17th. I registered for the Pro XC & STXC races, I am going to get destroyed. I will be staying with Kevin Bonney, on the Airborne Flight Crew, who are gracefully letting me stay free of charge in their hotel room.

The Mellow Johnny's Classic is 2 weeks after Sea Otter. I am trying to register for it, but like most bike races, the websites are horrible trying to navigate through and I can't find any registration link.

Fitness now is pretty good, better than this time last year I'd say. It's nice to have the upcoming races already registered for, some pretty big motivation to train as much as possible. I am mega pumped. Froze toes is this Sunday, we'll see how that goes.

I've been training very consistently, still with no SI pain and minimal low back pain. This mornings 2.5 hr recovery ride was pretty relaxing:


jimirings said...

Is that the MKT? If so, it looks gross. I've never seen it look black before.

Scott said...

Keep your eye on Bonney in the hotel room. He likes to try and pull some funny stuff... Trust me, I know.

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